About ShowKidz

SHOWKIDZ is the brainchild of a Melbourne working mother with professional backgrounds in teaching, music, drama, dance and sound production and experience of managing shows as diverse as school productions, major fashion shows and corporate functions. With over 25 years industry experience.


"As a parent I firmly believe in the happiness generated by music, the confidence building benefits of performing live on stage and the importance of having fun. It is also my firm conviction that cultural awareness, dramatic abilities and confidence enhance success and enjoyment not only in the performing community, but in every walk of life." Terri Svoronos


Showkidz Management is committed to creating opportunities for all children, teens & adults. We have been the leaders in fashion parades since 1993. We have choreographed and provided models for all the major fashion parades for shopping centres state wide as well as fashion festivals, showings and Gala Parades & Kidz Fashion Week the only dedicated fashion festival for kids aged 5 - 17 years


All our talent are offerred training & prepared for the industry - just because you join an agency it doesn’t make you a model or an actor. We like to send our talent to castings / auditions with some knowledge of what to expect - thus having a higher success rate in nailing that job - we offer training in the way of workshops and weekly classes if you want to be totally immersed in the world of performing.

Creating confident kids - that's our aim

Terri Svoronos

Why ShowKidz
The Reason We Are The Best

No Joining Fees, No Contracts, No Expensive Website Fees - Just Lots Of Work!!

We believe in ourselves and the agency and the work we have generated for our talent and the opportunities we create so that everyone can have a go!

We Get Paid When You Do!! Only When You Do, Not Before.

Showkidz Management will take the industry-standard commission when we BOOK YOU for that JOB!

The Only Thing We Recommend Is An Annual Professional Photoshoot.

We want to ensure that we are representing you to the best of our ability and honestly professional shots gets you in the door!


We have a fresh NEW adults category ages 18+ and a Mums & Dads Category.We are very selective when taking on adults as we do not exceed 50 in this category. To apply as an adult under our SKM banner please complete an online talent application - please be accurate with your measurements.