Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements for Showkidz Talent?

Showkidz Talent work with a wide variety of female and male child and adult models/talent/artists that work with a broad client base ranging from Advertising, Runway, Print, Stage, Film and Television.

Showkidz Management is looking to work with people with a positive attitude and a healthy disposition. Our talent range in age from 0 – 75

Please note our following categories:

  • Babies 0-1
  • Juniors 3-7
  • Big Kids 8-12
  • Teens 13-17
  • Adults 18 +
  • Real Siblings
  • Real Mums & Dads
  • Real Families
Kids at Showkidz Management are groomed for print, runway, film and television. There are no physical requirements placed on the kids and all children are considered by the agency if we have a space for them as we limit the number of talent we take on per age group..

What are the requirements for Actors?

Showkidz management works with all levels of talent starting with those interested but with no experience all the way to principle actors that you see in your favourite TV shows and Feature Films. If you are considering training or representation by Showkidz Management please note that becoming famous is a journey and does not happen overnight, you must commit to the process in order to see results.

What should I do to be considered by Showkidz Management?

To become a part of Showkidz Management please choose one of the following 2 options:

Contact Showkidz Management.
Submit online with the appropriate info. .

Do I need to bring anything to the interview?

If you have previous experience as a model or actor and have material that you think best represents yourself you are welcome to bring it along; however, it is not necessary. Our request is that you bring a smile and a good attitude – the business is about more than just looks and talent.

What do I do after being Scouted?

Congratulations – if you have been scouted by a Showkidz Scout it is because we think you have potential. The next step is to have you come into the agency for an initial interview. From here the goal would be to get you on set and move you in the direction of becoming a model / talent.

How will I know SK Management is Interested in Me?

After your interview with one of our trusted staff members you will have a good idea of where we think you would best fit into SK Mamagement. Please be aware with children their confidence and behaviour will play a big part in the selection process.

What States in Australia do you represent talent?

We accept applications from Victoria, NSW & QLD

What exactly does Showkidz Management do?

Showkidz Management is a multi divisional organization that specializes in Communications, Artist Education, Model and Talent Management, Events Coordination and more.

Do I need to pay any money?

The only thing you will pay for at Showkidz Management is a professional photoshoot and a small fee to be represented on the website (optional). People interested in becoming a Model and or Talent should understand that they are going to make an investment into their potential career as a model and or actor. In a trade you have tools that help you build, in the entertainment industry you have materials such as - Pictures (from a professional shoot), Comp Cards, Portfolio Book, Head Shots etc that will help you build your career. Like any other service you might buy in the real world, the service provider such as a photographer will want to be paid. If you are providing your own approved professional shots you will incur an admin fee of $150 + GST.

Do I need to sign a contract?

here are no contracts with Showkidz Management - merely an agreement.

Can I have more than 1 agency represent me?

No it is unethical to have more than one agency represent you. If you no longer wish to be represented by Showkidz Mangement simply put it in writing by sending us an email to:

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