What is the cost to enter the Showkidz Champion Model Search?

The Cost to enter is only $15 per child / per photo entry ALL of which goes to cover costs to process search entries and PRIZES.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa & Master Card. To enter the Showkidz Champion Model Search via Visa, Master Card, CLICK HERE.

How do we know our information is secure?

Any and all information you submit is guaranteed 100% safe and secure under Federal Law.

How often can I enter my child?

You can enter the Showkidz Champion Model Search every month as many times as you like - if tyour child is not selected as a monthly winner. Once selected your child will no longer be eligible to enter the monthly contest but goes straight in to the GALA RUNWAY CONTEST in the following year in February.


If I live in another state to the GALA RUNWAY EVENT will you pay my travel expenses?

Please only submit your child if you are prepared to travel to Melbourne for the GALA RUNWAY EVENT.Showkidz Champion Model Search will not cover any flights, accommodation or travel expenses to Melbourne.

Are there any other costs?

If your child is selected as a Monthly Winner/Finalist they will need to purchase the SHOWKIDZ t-shirt to be worn at the GALA RUNWAY EVENT. $25. Plus the Finalist Entry Fee for the Gala Runway Event $25 this includes Baby Photo Entrants.

How old does my child have to be to enter?

The minimum age to enter the Showkidz Champion Model Search is 2 months.

Do we need to submit professional photos?

No. Simple snapshots are fine. Keep in mind this is a model search – so keep the pasta face, cake smash pics for the albums and ensure that your child's face is in clear shot – distance shots don't work that well.

What are my kid's chances of being chosen as a Monthly Winner?

We get that question a lot and here is the answer: Your chances of being chosen are infinitely much better if you enter the Showkidz Champion Model Search than if you were to just sit around and do nothing and - unlike the huge majority of other children's model searches - we are not looking for 'one lucky winner' we are looking for a 4 winners from the following age categories every Month and 5 TEEN Winners per month:

  1. Baby Photo Winner ages 2months - 24months

  2. Tiny Tots 3yrs – 5yrs

  3. Junior KIDZ 6yrs-8yrs

  4. BIG Kidz 9-12yrs

  5. Teen 13yrs-17yrs


. We are looking to find as much new modeling and acting talent as possible.

Who determines who the monthly winners will be and how will they do it?

Monthly Winners will be determined by industry professionals with decades of experience as models, magazine editors, model scouts, booking agents, casting directors, fashion photographers, personal managers, publicists, event producers and fashion show producers - based on merit, not random chance.

How many successful, working models have been discovered in this way?

Hundreds of successful working, models have been discovered by our directors over the years and many more will be discovered in years to come.

What catalogues have these models appeared in?

Our winners have appeared in virtually every top catalogue in Australia, including dozens of covers and inserts, from Target, Kmart, Cotton On, Bonds, Pavement Brands, The Little Mag and, in fact, it would be difficult to name a top catalogue or magazine that one or more have not appeared in.

Will each and every entry receive a personal reply and/or an evaluation? No. We can not give a personal reply to each and every entry and we do not do evaluations as it is virtually impossible to evaluate someone's potential just by looking at a snapshot or two as too much depends on other factors including drive and determination which are impossible to determine by looking at photographs - so you will only receive a personal reply if we need more information or if you are selected.

Do actors and models need to be a certain size and/or height?

Actors can be almost any age, any height and any size in order to eligible to go on castings for film, TV and commercials, but there are usually age and height requirements for models. There are exceptions to the rule, however, so please submit your entry first and let the professionals decide.

What if my child is under 18?

The most successful careers happen where there is strong family support and we always communicate directly with one or both parents when a potential actor or model is under eighteen.

Do we need to sign a photo release in order to enter and/or have my child's photo appear as an monthly entrant in the search?

No. A photo release is not required. This means that exhibition of photos of people (of all ages) in galleries, public fairs, online modeling contests, modeling competitions, casting calls, modeling contest websites, magazines, newspapers, news blogs, postcards, posters and books does not require a signed release from the subject(s).

Will we have to pay commissions for any bookings that may result from entering the Showkidz Champion Model Search?

The Showkidz Champion Model Search does not represent anyone as a booking agent. Of course, any agency that may book you a job will require you to pay them standard agency rate commissions (anywhere from 10% to 20% depending on the type of booking - print, commercials, television, film, etc.) but that is strictly between you and the representing agency.

Do we need to live in a large city?

No. Some of our biggest discoveries have come from small towns and, although most of the work does take place is in major cities over 85% of the population of Australia lives within driving distance of at least one major city.


If my child is a finalist and attends the GALA RUNWAY EVENT what do they need to wear?

They will wear the Showkidz T-shirt and match it up with anyhting in White, Red or Black. (Shorts, Skirts, Tutu's, Pants, jeans, leggings. NO MAKEUP on any child under 13yo. Hair can be as creative as you like! Props like hats, glasses bags, jewellry etc will be approved by Showkidz Champion staff on the day.

Is there any training or workshops that will be held to prepare my child for the runway?

Yes there is an optional workshop for FREE on the day of the show to allow interstate finalists to attend as well. Normally the workshop is held at the venue at lunchtime and the event will begin at 6:30pm. We highly recommend that your child attends the workshop to be fully prepared for the runway contest. It is lots of fun and aids with confidence building.

If you have any other questions please email:


Only select entrants will be contacted, of course, but you never know - your child could be one of them.



Frequently Asked  Questions