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FOR Booking in for the PHOTO SHOOT
All the details will be emailed to you

Any questions? Get in touch through our contact page

Thanks so much for using our online booking system to book in for the next photo shoot. We are so excited about you joining us for our photoshoot at Showkidz Management.


It is imperative that you are on time as late comers will miss their allocated time and may have to wait.

Time: We are allocating you a time and it will be SMS'd or emailed to you very soon!

Please have your cash balance payment in an envelope with the correct money clearly labelled with your child’s name. No cheques will be accepted on the day and all internet transactions need to be cleared or your child will NOT be photographed - there are NO EFTPOS facilities.

What do I bring?:

Please come dressed and ready to be photographed for your headshots. A nice plain top that will pop against the white background - NO WHITE CLOTHES PLEASE and bring a second outfit with you for full length shots. Preferably no big logos, or busy pictures and stripes as we are shooting against a white background inside, bright colours are always good.  Hair should be styled as you like to have it.


Girls: Please bring your own hairbrush, ribbons, clips, bobby pins, headbands and elastics. Come with clean hair as it is naturally (you can straighten if you like it that way) and wear it out. We can change it if we need to. No makeup on children under 15 years


Boys: If you use gel or wax please have your hair ready when you arrive. Bring with you your own hair brush.

Babies: Please bring a couple of different onesies/rompers and then a second little outfit as well.

For Children:

If your child has a special toy or teddy that makes them feel comfortable please bring it with them.
We endeavour to have you there for no longer than half an hour.


Normally the process is very quick.
When you arrive please report to reception, there you will be guided where to go!
As we are on a strict time limit please only arrive 5 mins before your scheduled time PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL. We hope this is a great experience for you and enjoyable.

If you have any questions regarding the photo shoot please do not hesitate to contact us.